We understand the complexity of animal health care, which is why we provide our customers with more than vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Our educational offerings provide industry-leading expertise to help them maintain the health of their animals and positively impact their business.

Explore our array of resources – covering everything from disease prevention to animal handling – below.

Companion Animal

Anywhere Cough: Communication to Pet Owners
Veterinarian Dr. Joel Sailor explains how veterinarians can reduce the risk of Infectious Canine Cough by encouraging more pet owners to vaccinate their dogs

.Nobivac’s Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease (CIRDC) for Companion Animal Professionals
Pet professionals can review the latest developments in CIRDC – the disease, epidemiology, risk populations, clinical signs, diagnostics, sanitation and isolation procedures, treatment and prophylaxis.

What Pet Businesses Need to Know About Dog Influenza
Presented by Merck Animal Health’s Dr. Melissa Bourgeois, this webcast is geared toward veterinary staff and dog handlers. It covers the prevention of canine influenza through vaccination, sanitation, isolation and disinfection methods.

Bravecto Training Module 1 – Communications
Pet professionals can learn about techniques to enhance their communication with pet owners about the importance of flea and tick protection.

Bravecto Training Module 2 – Practice Management
This module for pet professionals provides information on managing clinic operations specific to flea and tick treatment.

Bravecto Training Module 3 – Flea and Tick
This module shares quick tips for pet professionals to help treat the animals in their care that are impacted by fleas and ticks.


Dairy Care365® and Cattle Care365®
These programs offer a series of training modules for producers and veterinarians to help them give their herds the best possible care. Each training module is designed to improve productivity and communication with employees while maintaining high-quality animal care and welfare. Industry experts lead a series of short video lessons followed by an interactive quiz and certificate of completion. Standard operating procedures are also included with each module.


Aqua Care365® provides a series of aquaculture training videos and resources to assist fish producers and suppliers in creating a culture of care within their operations to help meet the long-term demand for a robust and healthy fish supply.