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Merck Animal Health Aqua Care365® is a unique internet-based, educational and training resource for aqua caretakers, veterinarians, subject matter experts and industry organizations. The program is designed to support aquaculture producers and their employees in their training efforts and contribute to their long-term viability and success by managing and demonstrating their commitment to animal welfare.

Aqua Care365, featuring industry experts, is a result of collaboration between Merck Animal Health, aquaculture organizations, production companies, and key subject matter experts across a wide range of aquatic animal care topics.

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Aquaculture Products


A formulation containing florfenicol for use in freshwater-reared finfish feeds only. Indicated for the control of mortality in catfish due to enteric septicemia and for the control of mortality in freshwater-reared salmonids due to coldwater disease.


Chorulon is a sterile and effective preparation of chorionic gonadotropin, which has been routinely used for nearly two decades to induce and synchronize the ovulation and spawning of various finfish species.