Tools & Resources

Find the latest apps and resources to help you manage your business. Browse to find essential downloadable tools and program information.

Companion Animal

Digital resources for your clinic and clients at your fingertips. Find useful apps like a pet health tracker, appointment and vaccination reminders, and HomeAgain’s microchip and lose/found pet support. Also, just for clinics, an entire library of social posts and assets.

Social Media Marketing Library

This library provides veterinary professionals with images and text ready to post to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram along with a step-by-step guide that details how to post and how to best deliver a strong message on social media.

MyPet Reminders

Need help remembering to give Fluffy those pills, Fido his flea and tick preventative medicine or schedule Bella’s annual vaccines? MyPet can help keep your pet’s appointments and reminders in one place.

Pet Diabetes Tracker

The Pet Diabetes Tracker App enables veterinarians and pet owners to better track and manage dog and cat diabetes. The app allows users to track their pets’ blood glucose measurement recordings, receive insulin shot reminders and more.

Pet Rescuers by HomeAgain®

This is the world’s only app featuring up-to-date lost pet information, wherever you are! View localized maps of lost and found pets, get missing pet updates and receive lost pet alerts.


Merck Herd Health Manager C/C

This tool allows veterinarians to develop customized herd health protocols for cow/calf producers. It includes templates and product details for: pre-breeding, pregnancy check, birth, branding and weaning, as well as veterinary certification of completion of the health program.

Dairy Herd Health Manager

This tool allows veterinarians to develop customized dairy herd health protocols for dairy producers. It includes templates to help set up protocols, as well as product information to make sure you get the right product in the right quantity.

Cattle Treatment Manager – Pen Rider

The companion app to the Cattle Treatment Manager website, Cattle Treatment Manager – Pen Rider provides an easy-to-use platform to facilitate the identification of cattle that may need therapeutic intervention.

Safe-Guard Calculator

The Safe-Guard pasture deworming calculator allows cattle owners to tailor a deworming strategy specific to the area and type of cattle operation they have.

Meat Sustainability Calculator

This app helps the entire supply chain compare and learn about the importance of production methods and technology to increase the availability of protein and improve the sustainability of the meat protein industries.


Circumvent Vaccination Program

Many factors impact a swine herd’s porcine circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) vaccination strategy. This interactive planning tool helps you decide which option best suits your operation.


Healthcare Scheduling Calendar

This calendar offers an innovative way to keep track of breeding, vaccination and deworming timelines. Just enter your breeding date – or desired foaling date – and the healthcare scheduling calendar will do the work for you. Best of all, you can create an account and store your schedules right here.