Good protection is about what you don’t see.

Proven to cause fewer reactions1-5, vaccines from Merck Animal Health can help you see more productive cattle by giving you the power to get in front of profit-robbing disease. So instead of treating diseases in your herd, you can focus on producing healthy, profitable cattle.

Only VISTA® delivers up to one year of protection against IBR and BVD Types 1 and 2.6

The most complete respiratory protection available.

Vista vaccines provide long-lasting, dual-action protection against bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and one-dose fetal protection for the entire pregnancy.

The higher weaning weights delivered by VISION® equates to getting an extra calf with every bottle.7

Proof that not all blackleg vaccines are the same.

Vision vaccines offer high-level immunization against fatal diseases caused by clostridial organisms – and are also proven to result in less post-vaccination stress. When compared to conventional clostridial vaccines, VISION delivers better feed conversion and higher weaning weights.7

GUARDIAN® has the broadest scours protection ever brought to market.

The right direction to turn for minimizing calf scours.

Guardian provides real-world protection against the unavoidable bacteria, viruses and parasites often responsible for calf scours, or neonatal diarrhea. And powerful, broad-spectrum Clostridial perfringens protection helps prevent intestinal infections that can kill calves before you know it.

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Learn more about PrimeVAC™ preconditioning programs with the resources below, then talk to your Merck Animal Health representative to get started.

From the ranch to the feedyard, preconditioning improves performance. With the right PrimeVAC™ program, you can give your cattle the marketing edge they need so you get the payday you deserve.

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Respiratory diseases are the most common and costly infections plaguing the North American cattle industry. Cattle vaccines from Merck Animal Health are designed to protect your herd and profits.

Clostridial (Black Leg)

Naturally found in soil and the intestines of cattle, clostridial organisms can cause unexpected mortality to a herd in the form of blackleg and other fatal diseases. Protect your herd’s health and your profits with vaccines from Merck Animal Health.


Breeding stock and their offspring are critical to the success of your operation. Protect both with the reproductive lineup of vaccines from Merck Animal Health.


Your cows’ production and your operation’s profitability take a direct hit if coliform mastitis takes hold. Vaccinate before it impacts your milk string.


Calf scours – neonatal diarrhea – exerts a costly toll on the livestock industry. While the bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause the disease are a part of livestock production, scours can be prevented. For exceptional protection, turn to vaccines from Merck Animal Health.


Spread by flies, pinkeye causes pain, stress and weight loss in cattle. If your cattle go blind or develop clouded eyes, your operation’s profitability will take an additional hit. Prevent pinkeye before it blindsides your ROI.